Get A Driver & Truck from $30!

We pick up and deliver any thing too big for your car


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Why settle for conventional truck hire when you can use our pickup and delivery service in the Redlands area from only $30

You can get the man and the truck from only $30
Little Green Truck is a local pick-up and delivery service. We pick up anything that won’t fit in your car and deliver service, care and peace of mind, on time, guaranteed.

Whether you are looking on-line to purchase something and need a means of transport to get it home, or if you’re moving to a new house and your car won’t quite do the job, it might be time to talk to Little Green Trucks. Did you know that our pickup and delivery service is usually cheaper than most budget truck hires on the market, and we provide the manpower too? Why struggle when you can get Little Green Trucks on the job.

We pick up and deliver anything that won’t fit into your car

Our delivery and pick up service takes care of your belongings

Why waste your time on getting a truck hire when our pick-up and delivery service can save you time and money.
When you source, a truck hire yourself not only do you have to pick the truck up, but you are responsible for all the driving, the loading and unloading, plus you will need to fill the truck up with fuel before needing to return it. Plus, you are liable for any bumps and dents.
Why bother?

Little Green Trucks provide an end to end pick-up and delivery service in and around the Redlands area. So, you can get on with your day whilst we do the running around for you.

In the past renting a truck or hiring a ute were the only options available to you if you needed to pick something up, but Little Green Trucks has provided some stiff competition by providing a pick-up and delivery service that saves you time, money and hassle.

We offer peace of mind via In-transit insurance

We’re not another truck hire company, we are your pick-up and delivery service in the Redlands area

We know that people work hard to get their belongings, and we care that they reach their destination in perfect working order.

Why trust your belongings in a ute hire, when you engage with our pick-up and delivery service, you also get one of our fully trained drivers who are equipped to deal with fragile items, so you know, no matter what items you place in our care you can be assured they will be well looked after.

Pickup, deliver, with care, anywhere.

Forget Truck hire in the Redlands when we can do it for you

Our pick-up and delivery service starts from only $30

Our pick-up and delivery service in the Redlands area is available when you need it most. When we say we’ll be there, we will be there. We pride ourselves on an honest and reliable service. Our truck Pantech is the perfect choice for those larger items that you might otherwise struggle to get home.

Call Craig on 0429 800 128, we can pick up and deliver anything that is too big for your car.

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