Get A Driver & Truck from $30!

We pick up and deliver any thing too big for your car

Our pick-up and delivery service in Cleveland can make your life easier?

Need a pick-up? We hop to it! From $30.
When you need to pick up or deliver bulky items that won’t fit in your car, you might be tempted to rent a truck or ute hire yourself. But many people don’t realise that our local pick-up and delivery service comes with a friendly delivery man, and we can do all the running around for you, and it’s usually cheaper than your ute or van hire alone.

Need a pick-up and delivery service in the Cleveland area to pick up goods?

Why spend your free time running errands when we can do it for you?
Bought something from Gumtree and it won’t fit in your car? No problem, leave it with us, we will deliver it directly to your door, with prices starting from only $30.

Moving house? Our furniture delivery services in Cleveland is more cost-effective than your conventional truck hire

Whether you are moving homes or offices, it is quite a stressful undertaking. Not only with the packing and unpacking, but all the back-breaking lifting as well.

Why hire a moving truck rental when you can get our local furniture delivery services, which includes an extra pair of hands from as little as $30.

Our local man with a truck can help with a variety of services in and around the Cleveland area

Don’t hire a truck. Call Little Green truck. We’ll do it for you.

We can help with the following services in Cleveland, usually at a lower rate than if you did it yourself.

  • Small house moves
  • Green waste removals
  • Courier services for homes and businesses
  • Parcel delivery
  • Relocation services
  • Pick up and drop off furniture purchases
  • Pick up and drop off online purchases, such as Gumtree, Buy, Swap & Sell
  • Rubbish removals
  • Removals services
  • Deliveries
  • Office moves
  • Run errands as required

Call your local man with a truck in Cleveland today!

Call Craig today and find out how we can save you time and money with our pick-up and delivery services in and around the Cleveland area.

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