Get A Driver & Truck from $30!

We pick up and deliver any thing too big for your car

Forget truck hire in the Redlands and opt for a pick-up and delivery service that does the hard work for you

You get the man and the truck from only $30

More people are turning away from a conventional truck hire for an easier, cheaper and more reliable pick-up and delivery service.
We come to you. So instead of rushing around picking up your van hire and roping in a friend to help you load and unload the truck, we do all that for you.
We can help with anywhere and anytime you need us.

Don’t hire a truck. Call Little Green truck. We’ll do it for you.

Our pick-up and delivery service is perfect for your next home move

Moving to a new house is a stressful time, but many people underestimate the sheer man power involved in a move. Once you consider moving the fridge, washing machine, sofa and all that heavy furniture, it might be time to consider a pick-up and delivery service.
When you call Little Green Trucks Cleveland, Craig brings his truck Pantech and an extra pair of hands. Should you need more assistance with your move Craig has a reliable off-sider that he can bring with him.

Bought something on-line but don’t want to waste time with a ute hire?

Call Little Green Trucks, you get the man and the truck from only $30

Whether you’re an avid on-line shopper that’s always searching for a bargain, or you are looking for some new furniture for your home or garden and you need a means of getting your new purchases home, don’t waste your time and money with a truck or ute hire when you can call Little Green Trucks, you get the man and the van from only $30.

We can pick up your Gumtree purchases, so you don’t miss out on that bargain.

Why wait for the big retail stores to deliver your purchase whilst they charge you for the truck hire and delivery, when we provide a complete pick-up and delivery service, and usually we can get it to you cheaper and quicker. Plus, we offer peace of mind via In-transit insurance.
Why drive around the Redlands picking up your purchases, when we can do it for you at an everyday low price.

Selling your Redlands home and need a pick-up and delivery service to remove all your rubbish?

When you are cleaning out your home and getting it ready for sale, the last thing you want to consider is getting rid of all the rubbish and unwanted furniture. Leave the headache to us. Instead of renting a truck and doing it yourself, our cheap rubbish removal service will ensure you have more time to get on with the task at hand.

Instead of calling a truck hire company and struggling to do it all yourself, why not call Craig at Little Green Trucks on 0429 800 128 and see how our pick-up and delivery service can help you.

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